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6 Awesome Food Choices For May Two Four Weekend


There are plenty of places to fill your belly in our fair city over a long weekend. You can also do it yourself at home on the BBQ. Those are all fine choices, but we’ve done a little legwork and made it super easy for you to enjoy a wide selection of tasty food all in one place. That place is the Spring Sessions of Toronto’s Festival of Beer. May 20-21.

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Here is our curated a list of incredible food selections:

1) Mustache Burger:

If you find yourself drinking a Canadian-made brew on the May Two Four Long Weekend, just make sure you have a Canadian-made Mustache Burger to accompany it. It doesn’t get more Canadian than that. Unless of course you were sharing your burger with a Mountie. If you haven’t tried a Mustache Burger yet, get excited friends. Spring Sessions is almost here.




2) Chimney Stax Baking Co.:

May Two-Four Chimney Stax FoodChimney Stax create giant towers of doughy goodness. Fresh-made, rotisserie-baked bread served sweet or savoury. They can be shared, but really… who do you even like that much to share these awesome treats with?





3) Ontario Corn Roasters:

May Two-Four Corn-on-the-cob FoodThe maestros of roasting corn are back. The smell of roasting corn is scientifically proven to make you a better person. It’s science. Food that comes with its own handle is pretty much the best thing ever. Mother nature approved!





4) Oyster Boy:

If you’ve never tried Oyster Boy, you must be shucking out of your mind. Oysters pair perfectly with pretty much every beer at Spring Sessions. Trust us, we‘re experts.






5) Tiny Toms:

May Two-Four Donuts FoodThe legend of Tiny Toms grow with every beer event. Like, one time: Tiny Toms doughnuts saved a man’s life. (Not really, but I had fun typing that) Get your hot little hands on these hot little doughnuts and wash it down with a cool brew and your pretty much living the dream.





6) Smoke’s Poutinerie:

May Two-Four Poutine FoodPoutine is almost a food group now, so we had to have these legends at Spring Sessions. There is nothing I could write that hasn’t been said already about Poutine. Little known fact: Poutine literally translates to ‘awesome stuff in my belly’. True story.





There you have it. If these food choices don’t make you a wee bit hungry, then I’m sorry to say that you have no soul. See you on the May Long Weekend!