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Our crack team of researchers have determined the four pillars of an incredible cottage experience. They are: 1) Spending time with your friends. 2) Enjoying some good beer. 3) Eating lots of food. 4) Doing fun stuff.

We’d like to focus on the ‘Doing fun stuff’ part in this blog, but if you want to see what food and brews will be there, check HERE. So, since we are all about the cottage vibes, we will be filling Fort York: Garrison Common with games, games and more games. We’re also super stoked to welcome back the gang from Track & Field BarBangarang Bar, and Archers Arena who will run some of their awesome games on-site like last year. It all goes down May 18 & 19!

Get Tickets to Spring Beerfest TO Saturday!

Get Tickets to Spring Beerfest TO Sunday!

Without further ado, here’s a list of games:

Bocce: Our friends at Track & Field are bringing the bocce balls. Did you know the little white marker ball is called the pallino? *mind blown*

Archery Darts: This is where you can channel your inner Aria Stark and shoot some arrows at a giant dart board. Archers Arena are a bunch of legends for setting this up.

Giant Chess: “Pardon me Brad, may i suggest Bishop to Rook 4?” Put your giant brain to use with giant chess.

Giant Jenga: Is this the blockchain everyone keeps talking about? You take a block from the bottom and you put it on top. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Giant Connect 4: Come make a connection at #SBFTO. The name of the game is in the name of the game. You game?

Giant Beer Pong: Who amongst you will step up and be a beer pong legend? Check in with the SOBDL when you arrive to book your time to play!

Corn Hole: Bangarang Bar is bringing their cornhole masters to run this game. We suggest you start practicing your celebrations now. We are hoping that every time you toss a beanbag in the hole, you celly like there’s everyone watching… because chances are, a large amount of people will actually be watching you.

Kan Jam: This is one of our favourite outdoor games to play when we are away at the cottage. The way Kan Jam works is you place two kans at about 50 yards apart from each other while you and your teammate stand on opposite ends. One person throws a ‘flying disk’ in the direction of the can your teammate is standing next to, while your teammate attempts to hit the disk in to the kan. It’s scored up to 21. We know you’re going to pick this game up very quickly and who knows… by the time it’s all over, your team could officially be crowned the raining champs for SBFTO 2018.

This is a serious amount of games. We are really excited. BUT this could not be done without the help of a few key partners. With that said. whatchya waiting for?? Grab your tickets now and lock in your May Long Weekend plans:

Get Tickets to Spring Beerfest TO Saturday!

Get Tickets to Spring Beerfest TO Sunday!

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