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What a weekend! As we sit back and reminisce the chain of events this weekend and look back, a few things come to mind. Here’s a list of takeaways from a glorious weekend that included a sunshine on both days despite looking glum at first with the Saturday morning rain, and a whole lotta cottage vibes…

BackUp DJ and Bobby Love Are Incredible: Seriously, this dynamic duo brought the hits to Spring Beerfest TO this year and it shows. That dance party in front of the stage on both days was EPIC!

Rain Can’t Stop The Pouring: We had 17 brewers and thousands of attendees who brought the sunshine with them on Saturday and because of that, we thank you and love you for it <3.

A Proposal Happened On Sunday: We witnessed a beautiful couple’s proposal happen on Sunday. It was such a magical moment and we are very happy we got the chance to share that with you!

Kan Jam Is Hard: Our newest game to Spring Beerfest TO ended up being our most difficult game but it was so much fun! It was super cool to try Kan Jam, but it also exposed a weakness in our disk throwing game. Gotta get practicing. See you next year.

Bocce Is Perfect: There is no greater past time on earth. You can hold a brew in one hand and toss some bocce balls in the the other. It’s like there is balance in the force.

Pairs With Beer: Funny how things just pair so well with beer: Pizza from Pizza (700) Settecento, Tiny Toms Donuts, Smoke’s Poutine… we could go on.

All in all, a pretty solid May 2-4 Long Weekend. We hope you enjoyed yourself. Yes, we are doing it all again next year. Same time, same place.

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