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Let’s Play Some Games!


Our crack team of researchers have determined the four pillars of an incredible cottage experience. They are: 1) Spending time with your friends. 2) Enjoying some good beer. 3) Eating lots of food. 4) Doing fun stuff.

We’d like to focus on the ‘Doing fun stuff’ part in this blog, but if you want to see what food and brews will be there, check HERE. So, since we are all about the cottage vibes, we will be filling Fort York: Garrison Common with games, games and more games. We’re also super stoked to welcome back the gang from Track & Field BarBangarang Bar, and Archers Arena who will run some of their awesome games on-site like last year. It all goes down May 18 & 19!

Get Tickets to Spring Beerfest TO Saturday!

Get Tickets to Spring Beerfest TO Sunday!

Without further ado, here’s a list of games:

Bocce: Our friends at Track & Field are bringing the bocce balls. Did you know the little white marker ball is called the pallino? *mind blown*

Archery Darts: This is where you can channel your inner Aria Stark and shoot some arrows at a giant dart board. Archers Arena are a bunch of legends for setting this up.

Giant Chess: “Pardon me Brad, may i suggest Bishop to Rook 4?” Put your giant brain to use with giant chess.

Giant Jenga: Is this the blockchain everyone keeps talking about? You take a block from the bottom and you put it on top. Easy peasy lemon squeezy.

Giant Connect 4: Come make a connection at #SBFTO. The name of the game is in the name of the game. You game?

Giant Beer Pong: Who amongst you will step up and be a beer pong legend? Check in with the SOBDL when you arrive to book your time to play!

Corn Hole: Bangarang Bar is bringing their cornhole masters to run this game. We suggest you start practicing your celebrations now. We are hoping that every time you toss a beanbag in the hole, you celly like there’s everyone watching… because chances are, a large amount of people will actually be watching you.

Kan Jam: This is one of our favourite outdoor games to play when we are away at the cottage. The way Kan Jam works is you place two kans at about 50 yards apart from each other while you and your teammate stand on opposite ends. One person throws a ‘flying disk’ in the direction of the can your teammate is standing next to, while your teammate attempts to hit the disk in to the kan. It’s scored up to 21. We know you’re going to pick this game up very quickly and who knows… by the time it’s all over, your team could officially be crowned the raining champs for SBFTO 2018.

This is a serious amount of games. We are really excited. BUT this could not be done without the help of a few key partners. With that said. whatchya waiting for?? Grab your tickets now and lock in your May Long Weekend plans:

Get Tickets to Spring Beerfest TO Saturday!

Get Tickets to Spring Beerfest TO Sunday!

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Spring Beerfest TO is Back and Tickets Go On Sale April 9!


That’s right! The ultimate cottage in the city party is back again with amazing cottage games, delicious beer, and tasty food trucks for your enjoyment. Who needs the real cottage anyway when you have this event right in your backyard, right? It all goes down at Fort York: Garrison Common during the Victoria Day long weekend (May 18 & 19).

Tickets for Spring Beerfest TO go on-sale April 9th at 11am and cost $24.00 but you can purchase your tickets before anyone else if you sign up to our email list! Also, feel free to give us a follow and a like on our social channels below! Much appreciated. #BeerLove #SBFTO2019

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Go ahead and give us a follow/like on the following:

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What A Weekend! Thank You From The SBFTO Team!

image8 (1)

What a weekend! As we sit back and reminisce the chain of events this weekend and look back, a few things come to mind. Here’s a list of takeaways from a glorious weekend that included a sunshine on both days despite looking glum at first with the Saturday morning rain, and a whole lotta cottage vibes…

BackUp DJ and Bobby Love Are Incredible: Seriously, this dynamic duo brought the hits to Spring Beerfest TO this year and it shows. That dance party in front of the stage on both days was EPIC!

Rain Can’t Stop The Pouring: We had 17 brewers and thousands of attendees who brought the sunshine with them on Saturday and because of that, we thank you and love you for it <3.

A Proposal Happened On Sunday: We witnessed a beautiful couple’s proposal happen on Sunday. It was such a magical moment and we are very happy we got the chance to share that with you!

Kan Jam Is Hard: Our newest game to Spring Beerfest TO ended up being our most difficult game but it was so much fun! It was super cool to try Kan Jam, but it also exposed a weakness in our disk throwing game. Gotta get practicing. See you next year.

Bocce Is Perfect: There is no greater past time on earth. You can hold a brew in one hand and toss some bocce balls in the the other. It’s like there is balance in the force.

Pairs With Beer: Funny how things just pair so well with beer: Pizza from Pizza (700) Settecento, Tiny Toms Donuts, Smoke’s Poutine… we could go on.

All in all, a pretty solid May 2-4 Long Weekend. We hope you enjoyed yourself. Yes, we are doing it all again next year. Same time, same place.

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The Official Spring BeerFest TO Buffs Are In!

Buff 2

If ice cold beer, incredible food, awesome games, and cottage vibes wasn’t already enough of a reason to buy your tickets to Spring Beerfest TO on the May 19 or 20 at Fort York: Garrison Common, then maybe this will help… Our official SBFTO branded buffs are in!

Anyone who purchases a Hoptimized ticket to the event gets one of these upon entry, in addition to being able to enter 1.5 hours before gates open and ten (10) tokens that can be used to purchase beer, food, and even festival merchandise. This is going to be an amazing weekend so don’t miss out!

Also, did you know that you can wear these buffs in 12 different ways? Here is a video that BUFF Headwear made which shows you exactly how to wear it:

Ticket Info:

General Admission Tickets are only $25. Consider upgrading your experience with a $35 Hoptimized Ticket which gets you early entry, 10 tokens (for food or brews) and our buffalo plaid Spring Beerfest TO Buff.

Get Tickets to Spring Beerfest TO Saturday!

Get Tickets to Spring Beerfest TO Sunday!

We have a ton of awesome games you can enjoy at the SBFTO 2018. If you haven’t had a chance to see what’s in store, you can read all about it by clicking HERE.

It’s the ultimate cottage in the city experience with ice cold beer, delicious eats from some of Toronto’s most popular food trucks, cottage vibes, fire pits, marshmallow roasting and so much more. See you there!

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5 Best Bets For Enjoying the Cottage Vibes At Spring Sessions


Spring Sessions of Toronto’s Festival of Beer happens on the May 2-4 Long Weekend at Fort York Garrison Common

Years ago I lost touch with my friend Mike. He had an awesome cottage in Muskoka that we crashed at every long weekend. It slept about 15 people, had a hot tub on the deck, a boat on a nice lake. Mike, I miss you man.

Every since we lost contact I’ve been trying to find a cure for my long weekend cottage needs. I can assume there are more people like me searching for that cottagey fix. That’s why we (the gang behind the legendary summer festival, Toronto’s Festival of Beer) created Spring Sessions. May Two Four Weekend, in the city.

Here are your 5 Best Bets (plus one bonus) for enjoying the Sesh’:

1) Live Music

I heard a friend of mine referred to Elliott Brood as Death Country music. That is so bad ass. The gents in Elliott Brood playing a live acoustic session right next to the campfire sounds like a perfect way to spend Saturday May 20. Then, the very next day, our pals in The Trews will play their very own Campfire Session on Sunday, May 21. This is like the absolute best-case scenario for a campfire cottage party, but instead of your one friend who picks up a guitar and only knows ‘Brown Eyed Girl’ – we hired pros: Elliott Brood and The Trews. Pick your day and use code SAVEFIVE to take $5 off your tickets.

Get SATURDAY Spring Sessions Tickets!

Get SUNDAY Spring Sessions Tickets!

Use code SAVEFIVE to save $5 off Tickets!

2) Bocce

Some reports stat that Bocce is the most played activity in the world. Thankfully Track & Field Bar has picked up on the trend and will be at Spring Sessions to host all your bocce needs. Bocce Standards Association rules apply. (Totally just made that rules part up. Apologies to those who are actually a part of the BSA. No disrespect homies.)

3) Let There Be Fire!

Hanging around a fire pit is pretty much mandatory. It’s like Rule 1 of the cottage: “If your clothes don’t smell like camp fire, were you actually even at the cottage, bro?” There may be marshmallows. Currently seeking approval from the people who make those marshmallow decisions. UPDATE: We have confirmed marshmallows. THERE WILL BE MARSHMALLOWS!

4) Cottage Vibes

Expect all the fixings of a cottage inside Fort York Garrison Common. Great beer, tasty food, your BFFs, and loads of games; like Giant Jenga. You see, it’s just like Jenga, but bigger, so be warned: if you decide to go ‘open toe’ with your footwear then a falling Jenga tower may be a hazard. Seriously.

5) Good Food

We hand selected and curated our favourite food purveyors and here’s a quick list of who will be there: Mustache Burger, Chimney Stax Baking Co, Ontario Corn Roasters, Oyster Boy, Tiny Toms, and Smoke’s Poutinerie. HERE’S the list.

BONUS BET: 6) Great Beer

Yes, there are only awesome Brewers at the ‘sesh. See the complete list HERE. Our recommendation is to take your time. Sample it, don’t just drank it all down. Brewers work super hard to craft each brew. This is their life work. Enjoy it… and as always, please sample responsibly.

There you go. Some tips from us to you. Here’s a video to get a taste from last year…


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