Spring BeerFest TO starts today! Tickets are now on sale, and cottage vibes are in the air! All that’s left to do is figure out the deets… important stuff, like… how will I get there? Should I wear my flowy tank and khaki shorts or my jean jacket and summer dress with the flowers on it? Can I bring water? Will my backpack be okay? Where can I find my favourite beer? Let us help you with those answers so that you’re guaranteed to have your best Spring BeerFest TO yet! Below are the Top Tips on enjoying SBFTO…

Get Tickets to Spring Beerfest TO Saturday!

Get Tickets to Spring BeerfestTO Sunday!

Location: Fort York: Garrison Common. HERE is a map.

Saturday & Sunday Hours:

  • 12:00pm – Doors Open for Hoptimized Ticket Holders
  • 1:00pm – Doors Open for General Admission Ticket Holders
  • 6:30pm – Last Call
  • 6:45pm – Taps Off
  • 7:00pm – Closed

11 – What You Can Bring…

  • Valid photo ID – This is a 19+ event (a photocopy of ID does not count)
  • Your Ticket. (Best to print it out and bring with you, unless you ordered a mobile ticket)
  • -Sunblock
  • -Sunglasses
  • -Hat
  • -Comfortable Shoes
  • -Cash
  • -TTC tokens / PRESTO card
  • -Mobile phone – to take selfies, call a cab or Ubes – Please enjoy responsibly, don’t drink and drive.
  • -Raincoat, Umbrella (check the weather before you leave home)
  • -Blanket

10 – What You Can’t Bring With You…

  • -Pets (We love them, but they can’t come with you)
  • -Children (We love them too, but they can’t come with you) Even if you have a teeny tiny baby, we cannot let anyone under the age of 19 in the event. We hope you understand.
  • -Water Bottles – Our event will offer free water. You do not need to bring that fancy water bottle!
  • -Opened water bottles
  • -Food
  • -Chairs
  • -Coolers
  • -Large video cameras
  • -Selfie Sticks (seriously, are these things still a ‘thing’? lol)
  • -Cameras, other than for personal use
  • -Mobile phone charger (there is no place to plug it in)
  • -Water guns
  • -Your own glassware/bottles.
  • -Illegal Substances (aka: Weed, ganja, green, doobs, doobies, reefer, trees, hash, hashish, devils lettuce, shrooms, or any other type of drug)

9 – Think Ca$h

We appreciate plastic just as much as the next person, but cash is king at the Festival. We have teams walking around that will be selling tokens and they’ll only accept cash. We’re not saying empty your bank account, but be prepared if you want to move around quickly.  ATMs will be on site. Token Booths do accept Credit Card Payments, but we always reco cash for getting ‘er done quickly.

8 – Tokens

Tokens are the onsite currency. 1 token = $1. Most samples onsite are 1 token for a 4oz pour. Some brewers charge more: imports and premium brands.

7 – Your Backpack Will be Searched

We’ll be using metal detector wands and searching backpacks at the gate – it’s not that we don’t trust you, it’s just how it goes! You’ve all been to events before and witnessed someone giving security a hard time over searching their belongings. The reason we do it is not because you’re a criminal, but because we want everyone to be safe and have a great time.

6 – Don’t Drink & Drive

Don’t drive! It’s a Beer Festival and chances are you’ll be enjoying some beverages. Not only do we not want you to drink and drive, but it’s going to be a challenge maneuvering your way around the city with large events going on.  Please enjoy the convenience of the TTC or a cab or an Ubes. Yeah, we said Ubes.

5 – Great Beer is Great Beer

There will be a bunch of different brews to try. HERE is the list of breweries that will be at #SBFTO 2018.

4 – Bring Your Appetite

The food purveyors we have this year are second to none. HERE are some of them!

3 – Game On!

Archery Tag. Bocce. Soccer Billiards. Volleyball. Giant Jenga. Giant Chess. HERE is the full list with pics!

2 – Marshmallows

Spring BeerFest TO has all the fixings of a cottage. This includes fire pits and marshmallows. Fans can expect us to break the marshmallows out each day around 4pm.

1 – Drink Water & Dress for the Weather

Seriously, stay hydrated. We will have a water station for you to rinse and refill. Just take your commemorative mug (which you get when you arrive), rinse it out and fill it up at a water station. And don’t forget to wear sunblock. Even if it is grey and cloudy. This is vital. Sunblock and water are soooooooo key!! Your raincoat, rubber boats, umbrella may make your experience better today (day 1) since it rained a bit this morning but tomorrow (Sunday) it’s clear skies and warm weather. Even if it rains, we pour.


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